Hello world.

Hello, world! This is my 1st blog post. Don’t ask why it’s taken so long for me to do this; may have something to do with the fact that I work in the IT world and I’m at the computer all day and all night and have been for over 20 years. My multiple most likely RSIs can attest. Anyway, it’s Feb. 2016 and yesterday Justice Antonin “Nino” Scalia passed away. This is a pretty huge deal for conservatives. And seeing liberals celebrate his death on Twitter pretty much says everything you need to know about who they are. Anyway, unless the Senate is chock full of RINOs, nobody will be confirmed this year. Two interesting things to note… the first is that even liberals are saying he was “brilliant” yeah, he was brilliant so try to act a little more like him. The second thing is that everyone keeps saying he was “conservative.” No, he wasn’t. He was an originalist, and the difference is lost on a lot of people. Originalism is the interpretation of the words of the Constitution, or of statutes, by looking to the meaning of the words at the time they were used. As if there is any other way to correctly interpret them… We don’t look at a statute from the 1940s today and say “well, what does this mean in 2010 language or in 1980’s usage?” Yet for most of the 20th century, that is exactly what progressives have been doing:  trying desperately to bend, trim, mold and otherwise modify the language of laws (or rather, the meaning of the language of laws) to fit a preconceived notion of what we like and what we do not.


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